Data.  Big deal?  Or no deal?

We are in the era of big data, absolutely. Everything we do, click, view (and seemingly think) is captured in databases that are so much bigger than the first computer. There are copious articles on big data and the benefits and risks of using, giving and storing this data.  To companies, and their marketing departments, […]

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So what exactly do you do?

Marketing is a moving feast. And a bit of a beast. What some people categorise as marketing other people scoff at. What was marketing 10 years ago in some instances no longer exists. What will be marketing in 10 months doesn’t yet exist. I don’t define marketing as the technology that supports it but the […]

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Simple truths

If you aren’t curious your current advantages will be surpassed in less than 5 years. You will never be finished so learn to draw the line at a place both you and your customers benefit.  The point of diminishing return is very real. Diversity breeds innovation. Test your assumptions and ask more questions. You should […]

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