Taking time to answer the questions from the last post should have been a little bit challenging, but hopefully not too challenging!

The questions didn’t just deal with your job – because your BHAG (remember, it is big, hairy and audacious) doesn’t have to be about your job or career.

It might be about your hobby, or passion.

It might be about your lifestyle.

It might be about the people you want to attract into your life, to inspire you.

One of my friends has a BHAG for where he want to live in 3 years time.  Another has a BHAG about the sort of dinner parties she wants to have!

I have three BHAGS (I do tend to bite off more than I can chew and then chew very fast!).  I absolutely have one for my career in the long term, one for my career/lifestyle in the mid term and my third BHAG is about my passion (rugby of course)!

When you answered your question, was there anything that stood out and shouted, waving its arms in the air that it was a BHAG?  Hopefully there was!

I want you to write your BHAG (or BHAGs) down in very simple terms, in declarative terms:

In 5 years time I will be …..
In 3 months time my …..

Writing it down makes it more real.


This post was originally published on LinkedIn.