You have now written down your BHAG – in black and white (or maybe blue and white depending on your pen).

Now, we start looking at how you can chip away at your BHAG.

Many BHAGs cannot be achieved on your own – you need a support crew, a cheer squad.

So who do you need?

Do you need a coach to upskill you in some areas?
Do you need some formal study?  Or a short course?
Do you need a mentor to bounce ideas off?
Do you need an expert to understand the nuances of something?
Do you need to shadow someone in their role to understand if this really is what you want to do?
Do you need those people who, when times are tough, can tell you that you are worth it and the dream is worth it, and to keep going?

If your dream is in running a business, is there someone out there who has done what you want to do?
Have they written books, a blog, articles?

This week, spend some time thinking about who you need to fill the gaps in your plan, knowledge or understanding.

Write that list.  Make sure you include your mum, your sister, your partner ….

This list isn’t just about who you don’t have, it is about who you already have and what you need.

Happy list making!


This post was originally published on LinkedIn.