There is a constant and dynamic rhythm rippling throughout the world of business at the moment.

We have access to more and more technology and through that we have access to more and more knowledge, more and more connections, more and more ingenuity.

  • Uber has changed how we move through cities.
  • Our smartphone has become an entertainment system, a movie theatre, a clock, a workplace, an encyclopaedia and a personal assistant.
  • Children grow up not knowing where their food comes from.
  • Our weather systems are increasing volatile.
  • Our living is denser than ever, but we are increasingly living alone.

Entire countries and industries are adjusting to this new rhythm of constant change.

Businesses and their employees either react or ignore this new context in which they operate.

Depending on your country, industry, expertise and level of engagement you are either energised by these changes or see the challenge and not the opportunity.

celebrate the fourth industrial revolution

This isn’t a generational issue – it isn’t like Baby Boomers are sitting in the corner rocking in fear.

They shaped, build, created, drove a lot of these changes.  And continue to do so.

It isn’t as though this only happened in the past 10 years with the advent of digital natives and Facebook.

Welcome to the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

Where businesses experience change at an exponential pace.

Where the digital is transforming the physical.

Where the possibilities of people connected by devices, ideas, access to knowledge and a desire to make change will have more impact than we can comprehend.

Where does your business sit in this Revolution?

Is it chasing the storm?

Is it looking for shelter?

industrial revolution is digital

More importantly – where are your customers?

Are they at the vanguard?

Or are they the ‘safe majority’ who wait to be told what to do and what they need?

Increasingly you will find fewer people in this ‘safe majority’, fewer people who wait for something to be solidly established before they act.

More and more people will see the Fourth Industrial Revolution as exactly the opportunity to bring to life their ideas, the momentum and the tools to solve that worry they had, the answer to their fears.

Don’t let your customers beat you into the Revolution.  

Chase the storm and shape a world that you would be proud to live in 100 years from now.

Who knows, you might actually still be around in 100 years!

Viva la revolucion!


The World Economic Forum has dozens of fantastic articles and perspectives on the Fourth Industrial Revolution.  Invest some time and challenge your thinking about what is possible.