In the world of Tinder and the Kardashians getting noticed is clearly the objet du jour.

As a marketer, is your brand, your product, your service getting noticed?

The reality of relevance, of enquiry and conversion, means it has to be noticed to be acted upon.

Many people will roll their eyes, but we need to keep it new, keep it fresh, to be noticed.

Are you getting noticed?

are you getting noticed?

With an overload of choice we can’t afford for our brand or our product or our service to become background noise, a glitch in the world of click bait.

It means refreshing your digital campaign creative when it starts to wane in effectiveness.

It means measuring the content that is generating the most engagement (towards your goals that is, not mindless engagement) and dialling that up.

It means looking at your email stats to tweak the next steps in your acquisition stream to increase your conversion rate.

Are you getting noticed?

Getting noticed is a lot of work.  And generally takes a lot of money.

Just ask a Kardashian.