Superbowl isn’t really a massive thing here in Ausland, but with the rise of streaming and socials, more and more people are engaging with this extravaganza.  More than a week has passed since the #SB50 and while we saw a whole lot of ads (many teased and previewed before the match), there are a few that have stuck with me more than a week later.


I don’t want the car, but I think this is a novel way of communicating the POD, plus you know … great song.


There are two ads on my list this year that are moving into ‘issue ownership’ rather than product placement and selling.  Colgate very nicely here remind us to turn off the tap, with the aim of cutting through sales speak and making it onto the list because of their commitment to a cause.


This I think quite nicely captures zeitgeist while also selling a very cool car.  David Bowie, dreams, recapturing youth and an ageing population come together beautifully in this Audi R8 ad.


Ahh … Dame Helen, calling it like it is.  Again Bud are looking at issue ownership in this space, namely drink driving. They still had other Super Bowl slots advertising their product, but this moves away from that space and uses arguably the best of British to highlight drink driving.  It is refreshing to see in this space that the conversation has moved past criminal repercussions to social repercussions.  The reality is that many people drink drive without ever getting caught, but in this messaging construct, in this self-focused culture, it is what other people think of you that determines how you moderate your behaviour.


Any other ads out there that caught your eye?