The balance between the big stuff and the little stuff is a tightrope marketers walk everyday.

Innovation through large, new projects.

The sexy stuff – digital transformation, whole of lifecycle review, new communication platforms.

Micro-iteration through constant and infinitesimal improvements.

The small stuff – multivariate testing of SEM ads, A/B testing of landing pages and eDMs, analysing your campaign data to improve your CPA.

The challenge as a marketer is balance and building a team that can manage both the large projects and the small improvements.

This balance requires you to have a vision and communicate it clearly.


The vision needs to be customer focused and challenge the team to identify strategic objectives that encompass both small and large changes that positively impact the customer experience, and therefore the outcomes you achieve.

This balance requires a multi-disciplinary team who are professionally curious.

Curiosity manifests itself in people who are committed to lifelong learning and invest in themselves.


This balance requires you to set targets and KPIs for roles, projects, tasks.

Without something tangible to work towards the team will create outputs but not necessarily outcomes.  

Do you have this vision, team, curiosity and ownership of targets and outcomes?

Are you both micro-iterating and innovating?