Marketing = sales.

The sales team are the ones out there pitching the product and figuring out what works and which customers are the real deal.

Marketing for startups means your sales and marketing people need to be joined at the hip. A lot of marketers traditionally don’t have a lot to do with sales. That ends today.

Get your sales team to provide intel – qualitative and quantitative – to the marketing team.

Be ruthless in identifying where the quick wins will be and what the long term strategy is. You must play both, not just the long game of an identity.

A marketers’ job in the early days of a startup is to open the pipeline.

Get marketers in your sales meetings. Get them access to your deals and pipelines. Do a post-deal or post-fail review with marketers and sales.  Build a compelling story.

Waste no opportunity for collaboration, feedback, testing and measuring.

Everything they do counts towards the story and the sale.

There isn’t room for fluff.