I love being creative and launched a jewellery label with a friend a little while ago.

My background in fashion design however means I have always wanted to build a fashion label. Not one to take over the world, but one that has meaning to me and my customers.

That inspires women to put on their favourite dress and smile. Every day.

I have made several runs at this and three years ago got all the way to patterns made and about to sample. I can’t really identify why I didn’t go that next step, but it didn’t feel like I thought it would, so paused.

This time around I am starting slow, with a slightly different angle and focus.  And this time it feels like I want it to.

It is an organic process – I am not pushing deadlines and I am enjoying each element.

Ellen Elizabeth.

I am starting with the art that will form the basis of the textile designs.

I will start with simpler items like scarves and capes and build from there.

Ethical and sustainable. For women who love colour and fashion.