Good brand management is the art of moving people to full engagement with your brand. Good brand management means you are:

  • fulfilling the brand promise
  • understanding your customers
  • moving the right levers to get them to understand the brand and desire to be a part of the story
  • driving potential customers to act on your calls to action
  • taking advantage of the positive narrative these customers are telling about your brand
  • scaling the brand into new areas because of the resonance with the existing target market

By moving levers including the marketing message, target market identification, channel selection and placement a brand manager can deliver results like:

  • increased prompted and unprompted awareness
  • increased volume of leads
  • better quality leads
  • increased conversion
  • increased customer satisfaction
  • increased employee satisfaction
  • extended and new markets
  • increased revenue
  • increased market share
  • the opportunity to acquire competitors and start-ups

Good management allows the organisation to double down on their key strengths to align with the brand promise.

Brand managers paint a clear picture of what success looks like from the initial impression on the website through to the tone on the phone calls to how a product is presented in store.

All of these conscious decisions reinforce the brand promise and provide a framework for the organisation to work within.

Visually, good brand management creates a consistent look and feel – across every touchpoint, every piece of content – building the understanding of the brand and a strong hook on which to hang that understanding of the brand.

Creating this shortcut in people’s minds makes it easier for them to recall your brand, makes it easier to choose your brand and creates value in that recognition and that shorter path to purchase.

Good brand management translates to results by allowing the business and the marketing and brand teams to focus on metrics that deliver an ROI. The scattergun approach of an ill-disciplined brand, and brand manager, may deliver short-term, sugar-high results, but the discipline of strong brand management leads directly to a positive impact on the goodwill line of a P & L.

Good brand management is not about managing the file structure of your DAM – good brand management is about influencing the perception of your brand and translating that perception to action.