Reading back over my intro paragraph for the 2017 Hottest 100, I clearly had higher hopes of 2018 than it was capable of delivering. But again, the music was stonking.

Nothing breaks like a heart (feat. Miley Cyrus) – Mark Ronson 

Mark Ronson has been a favourite since we used (probably too many of) his tracks in a fashion parade one year. Miley is clearly a chick who has chosen to give zero fucks and is not conforming to the Disney princess view of how she should live her life. And the track is a little bit Dolly Parton. What’s not to love?

Tessellating – MUTO

The glorious soundscape painted through this track is one of my favourite tracks to imagine and create to. The best way I can describe the visuals I get – it vibrates with a shimmer, surrounding the listener. Glorious.

I Miss You – Thundamentals

The Thundas are a band I appreciate, but usually, nothing cuts through to this degree. I am not sure why this track is different for me, but it probably comes down to the lyrics for me (which is unusual, I love music but it isn’t about the lyrics most of the time, but the visuals and emotions the sound creates) – brilliant relevance calling out the cult of social media.

Be Alright – Dean Lewis

In a year that suffered from an excess of toxic masculinity, this was another track I loved for the lyrics, and the alternative to toxic masculinity it offered. It could easily be read as a pure post-breakup song (and it was that), but in a world where men dominated headlines because of violence committed against ex-partners they believed they possessed, it was a lovely call to men that the world isn’t conspiring against them and better is ahead if they let go.

Last Night – GRAACE

Grace was absolutely brilliant on tour with Flight Facilities this year, and her solo project as GRAACE is staggering in both its lyricism and her soaring vocals. Her Self Sabotage EP tracks take apart the negative and destructive behaviours we exhibit, and none better than Last Night.

All the Stars (with SZA) – Kendrick Lamar

The entire Black Panther soundtrack is brilliant (as is the movie) and Kendrick’s delivery of it is powerful and this track is the best translation of the power and representation of the whole movie. Love it.

About You – G Flip

This has been on my list since the start of the year and nothing has budged it. Love the percussion and the vibe totally feels like summer. Which I clearly have a romanticised view of, because in reality I can’t stand the heat and the humidity. But I can more than stand this song!

Stupid World – Hermitude

Hermitude is a recurring fave for me and Bibi is epic in this track. And the lyric: “And I have burnt some bridges, but may the bridges I burnt light the way”  is pretty much code for my life because there are some things you just don’t wanna go back to. Production is a little different for Hermitude, and I seriously love it (and the dancer in the film clip is brilliant).

Superfly – BLESSED

Spotify tells me this was my most listened to track of 2018. Probably because there were entire weeks when I drove home from work with this on repeat. All trip. Every day. Great to belt out, strong beat, and Aussie. And of course, the kitchen full of noodles.

Need You ft Nika – Flight Facilities

My favourite gig of 2018 and my favourite song of 2018. Love it entirely.