Marketers are used to change.  We need to be, quite often the companies we work for and the people we work alongside drive it.

We have moved from broadcasting and advertising and pushing content at people, to narrowcasting and pulling people towards our brand.

We have seen the decline of advertising as influencer and the rise of peer to peer recommendation as the reason people engage.

This flux, this fluidity means that we need to be agile, adaptable and constantly aware of our surroundings.

Many a great business has been swamped in their boat because the weren’t attuned to the movement of the market.

choppy waters

New jobs and specialties exist in marketing that didn’t exist 5 years ago – digital is king and data is queen.  Business analysts are a core part of our team.

Customer experience is at the centre of what we do – it is the palace in which the king and queen live. Both these changes are a reaction to the market moving, changing, fragmenting.

Our audience moved into new spaces and we needed to follow.

Our customers decided that the power of the transaction lay with them and not us, so we needed to value them more, and differently.

A great marketer, and a great marketing team needs the ability to acquire new skills, to manage change and indeed be leading the charge for change in many organisations.

All this change however doesn’t mean that it is simpler.

We are better at targeting the right person with the right message but it is so much more complicated than placing one press ad and simply broadcasting.

We have more information on what constitutes a ‘successful’ customer, but it is harder to engage with them and harder to get them to engage with us.

Entire industries (not just roles) are being disrupted as outliers move in to target the core audience.

This is the new normal.

Change is the only constant.