Watching Australian Test Cricket captain Steve Smith score his 100 today at the Gabba, I was struck by his celebration and the connection he demonstrated to his team in this celebration.

We talk about captain’s knocks, about leading from the front, about setting the example.

And certainly sports analogies can be a little overused.

However seeing Smith’s patient century today and his vehement recognition of the team, it is a fitting analogy.

In many circumstances it doesn’t matter what you believe, if your team – your audience – aren’t with you, the impact is nullified.

Being conscious of how your actions and words are seen and perceived by the team is the first step.

Crafting a message and an action plan that connects with your team audience, that connects them to your vision and each other is a powerful calling.

Lead with a vision worth following.

Act in a way worth emulating.

Celebrate your successes as a team, not an individual.

Give credit and recognition.

Do you have the same passion Smith does for his team?