In the crazy, crazy world in which we work it is very easy to run at full pace and miss milestones and successes in the race to complete the next task and project.

I have run ‘Win of the Week’ every Friday afternoon for the past year.

We have a couple of posters on a wall with everyone’s name on them and we take turns to identify our ‘Win of the Week’ and stick it next to our names.  So simple it is almost blink and you’ll miss it.

However, it is a great opportunity for the team to look back and remind themselves that they did good!

It is an opportunity for others in the team to hear about successes and projects they wouldn’t otherwise.

It is an opportunity to highlight both individual and department successes.

It also encourages everyone to take a breath and have chat at the end of the day to make sure they start their weekends well!

As we start a new working year, I encourage you to implement ‘Win of the Week’  with your teams on a Friday afternoon (with a beverage if you so prefer).