Most jobs require you to disclose any outside interests and employment.

In most instances it is done to avoid any conflict of interest, and rightly so.

There are some employers, however, that can make an employee feel they shouldn’t have a side hustle, or any interests outside work.

Gone are the days when someone’s sole focus was their job.

In the days of 24 hour connection, and perhaps the expectation of an employer of an employee being on-call constantly, it is vital that people have more in their lives than work.

having a side hustle means people are more balanced

Balance is vital to a person, not just for the advantages it provides them in the workplace, but for the advantages it provides them as people.

And if their outside interests are a side hustle, so much the better.

A side hustle means a small business – it means an understanding of customer, strategy, sales, budget, time management and chasing an outcome.

These are all brilliant things for an employee to bring to the table.

A side hustle is invaluable – for your business, and your employee.