Values are at the core of who we are and how we work.

How often do we consciously map our values and how we apply them, what rubs against them, what aligns with them?

I have formalised my core values and how they impact my professional and personal lives in a leadership philosophy.  This acts as my compass.  It defines what I expect, what I value and how I act.

If you have never taken the time to think through what kind of leader you want to be, what your leadership values are, what success looks like for you and your team how can you be a truly effective leader?

My personal vision is to empower people, teams and organisations to reach their goals.

My mission is to deliver marketing and strategic expertise in such a way that individual, team and organisational capacity and capability increases.



I aim to empower myself through knowledge of self and lifelong learning.

I want my team to empower themselves and I give them that freedom.

I choose to work in organisations that empower their customers through the engagement process and the product or service they offer.



As a person who values independence highly I give my team the tools for their own success.

I trust them to do their jobs well, to tell me if the pressure turns to stress.

We are all working towards the same vision and I allow people to chart their own course within this framework to achieve the outcomes we need.



Resilience in the face of difficulties.


I value working through the situation to achieve the outcome.

The going does occasionally get tough and it is through grit we accomplish big things.



I aim for excellence.

As a semi-reformed perfectionist it is important to note that I don’t mean perfection – I mean excellence.

Doing a great job, one that we are proud of, that we can point to as making a difference to the outcome.

One of my mantras is 80% and go – we could spend forever refining that last 20% but to what point?

Excellence means attention to detail.

It means questioning our path to ensure we are on the right track.

It means being constantly curious and pushing our boundaries.



This isn’t about fashion (although I do have a distinctive fashion style!).

This is about great presentation.

It is about making an impact and moving people.

After all, you need to stand for something or you’ll fall for anything.



Creativity is colour.

Variety is colour.

Depth is colour.

Colour means being more than your work – bringing your whole self to work – seeking inspiration everywhere.

I want the teams I am a part of to seek the colour in themselves and in their work – to be the fabulous and diverse people they are.


What is your leadership philosophy?