In the land of Oz where the weather is always perfect(ly crazy) you would be forgiven for thinking that our advertising campaigns look and feel pretty much the same the year around.

Advertisers however like to capitalise on our desire for sun and antics while on holidays, so a whole raft of themed advertising hits our shores.

No one will be especially see this in my list – I am obsessive in my love of Diet Coke – but Coke each year push the envelope in terms of spend and creative.  This year’s colour changing cans and bottles are a good reminder that summer is ‘different’ and distinctly more fun.

It’s summer, so that means it is cricket time!  As the Australian Cricket team shamefully continue to partner with KFC, retired cricketers are also getting a gig.  Freddie Flintoff was a revelation as a commentator last year for the Big Bash so it is brilliant to see him out here again. Such a shame he said yes to this Lipton ad.  And such a shame that Lipton and their creative agency couldn’t find the crowd he is talking about to make it at least look like some semblance of reality.

Join The Drive has been a strong series of campaigns for the Queensland Government and the current series about ‘Dry Drivers’ aka designated drivers looks to highlight the benefits of being that person – the feel-good, the hero aspect of it.  However, I am sure that more women out there can identify with being the dry driver than men, asked to drive home when their partner has had a few too many.  Perhaps the ad should have featured a man driving his wife home after she has ‘let her hair down’.  Now that would be revolutionary.

I will be the first person to admit that I don’t really get the Woolies Christmas ad– there is a little too much reality and not enough aspiration in the right mix.  The Aldi ad however is reality and aspiration.  We understand that slightly panicky feeling the word invokes, and while our Christmas reality may never be as seamless, it is a little fun.  Their out of home (bus shelter) advertising was bonza too.

What summer ads out there are you loving?  Post them below.


This post was originally published on LinkedIn.