For years multi-tasking has been an inherent part of our work culture.

And if looking ‘busy’ is our key metric, then great, multi-tasking is a winning application  of your time and skills.

Are we focussed on the output or the outcome?

If ‘busy’ isn’t how you judge success, but rather outcome — single-tasking, doing one thing at time — will deliver better results.

This means that when someone enters our office, we stop, turn away from our computers, phones, distractions and pay them attention.  We will both achieve a better outcome to the interaction.

one thing at a time

When we are working on a task it is natural that our brain keeps shoving new ideas our way – it loves stimulus!

When this happens, keep single-tasking – take a moment to write the thought down and then return to your work.

Deliver a great outcome not a shopping list of how busy we were that day.

One thing at a time.