As an activator and a learner, continuous improvement is a key part of my drive and one of the key elements I bring to organisations.

A focus on continuous improvement drives excellence and sits well in environments with targets and teams with a high degree of flexibility in the way they respond to change.

It means incremental improvements in processes, workflows, frameworks and outputs.

Continuous improvement in marketing lends itself to a constant focus on customer and outcome.

For anyone with a similar passion, continuous improvement energises.

For some of your team however, they may find the continual hunt for betterment exhausting.

Consolidation is key

It doesn’t mean they don’t want to improve, but they may feel more comfortable in an environment that improves and then consolidates and then goes again – in bursts, rather than ongoing.

There is a balance to be struck for strategies using periods of consolidation and continuous improvement.

There is a balance to be struck for team using periods of consolidation and continuous improvement, both individually and collectively.

As a leader who a natural inclination towards one or the other you may need deliberately plan actions that rub against your strengths, but are right for the team.

Good leaders understand the contentment stemming from a decision for the collective good of the team, even if you want to keep charging ahead!

Because after all, if your team are content with a balanced approach to learning, then you should be content too.