Capitalism (and the nature of being human) often means we are chasing more, chasing growth.

Growth doesn’t always mean more from more.  

It could mean more from less; more from the same, more from mergers and acquisitions.

More companies.

More markets.

More customers.

More technology.

More GP.

More quality.

What does growth mean to you and your team?  What can you focus on growing?

For many of us, there has been a large growth in the number of solutions available for our audiences.  It means there is more competition.

How brilliant is that?!


More solutions often means more markets. 

You can choose to be more niche, target a smaller audience who will love you more, show you more loyalty, engage in more meaningful solutions.

A boutique solution for a smaller market often means less wastage.

It means less loose and unrecognised work.

It means getting closer to your audience, becoming a partner, developing a real dialogue.

How do you celebrate more?

How do you deliver more?


Be more brave.  Chase more.