It is vital as a marketer to remember what it feels like to be part of an audience, to build a community that people want to be a part of.

To think about people who want to share the same experience, the same moment, connect with each other.

To craft messaging, a product, a service that does this.

Some of my favourite audience experiences can be captured by actually being an audience member, not a ‘target market’.


audience - fashion exhibition4. Fashion exhibitions

Wandering the halls of the National Gallery of Victoria each year is a treat.  It doesn’t have to be a specific designer – any fashion exhibition excites me!

Exploring the stunning creations, figuring out how they were constructed, feeling giddy about the colour and fabrications.

Sharing that moment with people just like me – focused on the impact of both the whole and the detail.

audience - gang of youths

3. Gang of Youths

Nothing prepared me for how much I would love seeing my favourite band live.

Particularly because across the balcony was an absolute rockstar who threw himself into experiencing the gig at every level possible.

Every fibre of his being strained to maximise the experience – his whole body participated, he sang every word, he threw himself around with abandon.

His participation was all of the things.


audience - rugby2. Rugby

Sharing moments with fellow rugby lovers is a very special thing for me – from club level to international level.

Part of an audience that knows their team is great/not-so-great/improving and they don’t care – they are there for the set piece and the runaway backs, the mercurial playmakers and the grinding forwards.

Opposing sides there to watch the best go head to head.  Rugby wins.


1. Cricketaudience - cricket

Test cricket is my ultimate audience moment – watching months and weeks of preparation play out over days not mere minutes.

Watching the bowlers grind out over after over, probing, seeking, niggling for a mistimed stroke.

Watching the batsmen analyse every ball and play it as they see it – sometimes it works, sometimes the bowlers trumps.


The stronger minds, not the biggest egos.


Think of your favourite audience moments and build campaigns and messages emulating the key elements.  Don’t just build a target market, build an engaged and committed audience.